Our team of talented lawyers handles all of our matters with superior skill, effective organization, and genuine care. We believe that our strength and success lies within the ability to balance the manpower, experience and resources of a large firm with the solidarity and attentiveness of a small one. Compared with the bulk of our competitors, our team consists of very seasoned lawyers that collectively has competently litigated thousands of complex cases. We pride ourselves on the fact that our attorneys are tactfully aggressive, have “been around the block”, exhibit a great deal of “street smarts” to successfully counter adversarial positions and display mature composure when the going gets tough. We relish the competition associated with litigating and work tirelessly to please our clients.

The Firm takes much pride in zealously representing its diverse client base. Our primary client base includes many successful national companies, including iconic Fortune 50 corporations; numerous ultra-successful leaders in their respective industries; multiple insurance companies that retain us to represent their loyal business insureds; and many professional service organizations located throughout California. We constantly litigate a wide array of commercial construction disputes; a variety of business, contractual and commercial claims; and a myriad of tort disputes. In addition to our litigation practice, The Firm also assists our clients with drafting various agreements and the negotiations concerning same.

We love being in the courtroom and trying cases in front of juries. Over the years, we can proudly claim that we have received many sensational verdicts, in very high exposure cases, on behalf of our clients. However, we are also very prideful of our uniquely stellar record when it comes to winning Motions for Summary Judgment. Finally, and just as critically, we pride ourselves on the value we bring to our clients via our highly effective early resolution strategies and techniques. We have saved our clients millions of dollars in defense and indemnity expenses by proactively working to resolve cases earlier rather than later.